Friday, July 1, 2011

Home Security

Gromit, doing what he does best.
Back at home I have continued to heal and regain my strength day by day. I have returned to my duties as Guard Dog on the front balcony. I bark at the church-goers, street walkers, dog and human. When not barking I'm guarding (pictured above), at which I excel.

Today is Canada Day, and I expect there to be even more activity on the sidewalk below...which I suspect is why Mum hasn't opened the door to my balcony. All I can do is bark from the back balcony - which isn't half as interesting because all there is out there are birds and squirrels. (That's fine for girls like Claire, but not for a  guard hound like me.) I like the people - people who can applaud my work (Mum says they're laughing at me, but I know they are really cheering me on).
Mum has also tried to dress both Clifford and I in red and white kerchiefs. We looked like dorks and it just made me want to chew Clifford's neck, so she had to take them off us. Thank goodness her camera broke yesterday so we have no photographic evidence!

Happy Canada Day everyone!
Gromit Wensleydale