Sunday, August 28, 2011

Gromit Wensleydale is 2

It is my BIRTHDAY. [ rainbows and jellybeans ]

I'm two human years old now, 
a big boy. Dad's big boy. After a long sleep in a morning sunbeam, 
Dad went rock hunting (for me). (Some humans call this "fishing")
The rocks are for looking at, not swallowing. They are bigger than my head so I don't think I'm going to try to eat one. I'm going to lick them anyway..., . Besides, the peas have been good lately. 
Mum spent the day filling my big ears with tails tales 
of cheese flakes falling from the kitchen sky, 
and giving me barking allowances on the balcony...., 
then put me in the silly family birthday hat and took some photos.

I've slept some, barked some. 

 and I was given a squeaky kangaroo

Claire was given a pink flamingo,
and Clifford an ostrich,
(not from Australia)
but they're sort of mine too.
dogs toys,  day 2

..and, cheese did fall from the sky.