Friday, October 1, 2010

A Brief History of Me

I come from a place called Jackson, Wisconsin. My family searched all over Canada and the USA for me for months, so I've been told, and when Mum was sent these pictures of me and my litter-mates she claims it was love-at-first-sight. My litter nickname was "Eight-ball" because of the number eight shaped Blenheim spot on my cute round head.

Dad, Mum, and my human sister Hannah all piled in the car and drove eleven hours in cold December weather to get to me. Dad's back was out; that didn't stop him, but we are under strict order that Dad's chiropractor is not to know about this. They arrived in Jackson late on a Friday night and had to wait until morning to meet me.

I had no idea what was going in when Jackie let me out of the kennel that day. I was brought into the house by three strange people who couldn't keep their paws off me. Admittedly, I was (am) the most adorable Basset Hound in the history of Basset Hounds, so I didn't have to do much but just be floppy. Then, Jackie took me for a bath at the doggy spa and it was time for me to go off with my new family.
After visiting Mum's favourite Scrabble™ friend, and being adored some more it was time to call an end to a long day (I was just 15 weeks old!). Back at the hotel I was presented with baby blankets, a toy bunny, and a chewy teething bone. Hannah tried to make a special bed for me on the floor, but Mum couldn't resist me, so took me into bed with her and Dad - who was a little shocked when he rolled over and put his face in my fur.
I slept on Hannah's lap most of the eleven hour drive home to Canada. At the border I nearly caused a riot over my cuteness (that's always fun). We finally got home late Sunday night and immediately went to pick up my big sister Claire, the Golden Retriever. I had no idea then what best friends we would become.

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