Thursday, October 7, 2010

When I had a licker problem...

Well, I have adorable little licker that makes slurpy noises when I kiss. 

Last January my poor little tongue was injured in a licking accident. Being born in August doesn't prepare you much for ice and snow, so it was important that I investigated all surfaces. My hound dog sniffer caught a whiff of barbecue on the door step leaving me no choice but to let my licker be the judge.

I was a tad astonished when my licker attached itself to the step!

A tug set it free, but left a little layer of frozen Gromit tongue behind. Mum cried, gave me the biggest bowl of water I had ever seen, and embarrassingly called the veterinarian office. I knew this wasn't necessary but Mums sometimes need reassurance, so whatever. The special Gromit hugs and attention for the rest of the day were not refused, and did help me heal. My adorable licker returned to sloppy kissing within hours, and has been active ever since.

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