Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bottled Gromit

I smell good. My Mum and Dad tell me so. They say there's something special about my morning Basset smell, and the way I smell after a good snooze.
It's not that I'm particularly clean either, Dad has been saying I need a bath - but he still likes the way I smell. Mum even gave me tummy raspberries the other morning!
I haven't exactly been out rolling in poop either. Dad always cleans it all up before I get a chance, (and Mum thanks him for that). Besides, I haven't been into rolling in poop since I was a puppy.

Dad's been talking about bottling my Basset smell. He thinks there might be a profit in my essence.
It wouldn't have some fancy eau de French name, 'cause I'm not that kind of guy.
It might come in a fancy jar and label version, (a marketing ploy used to lure the type who choose to buy bottles&things for their labels).
But also a simple mason jar version for the non-fancy types.

Dad thinks my smell is simply the best smell.
He compares it to a fine wine.
My smell is best developed while sleeping.
Preferably in sunbeams.
Or by soaking up the evening sun on the back balcony.
It develops well when I snooze under Mum's desk.
(She loves me when I sleep under her desk.)
Above all, my enchanting aroma is developed best in bed, while snuggling.

My bottled smell would come in two flavours. 
And would be compared to such smells as Hannah's freshly baked cookies.

I think Dad might be on to something. The question to extract my special Gromit aroma? be continued...

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