Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dad's Handsome Boy

This is a picture of me (and my sister Claire) taken back in June 2010. Both my magnificent ears and my earnestness (as we all know bigger ears indicate greater earnestness) really express themselves here. This is why Dad calls me his special handsome boy.

Today I am a sick boy. Dad brought me to the vet this morning because I wasn't well; I threw up all my kibbles in the night. All of my tests have come back clear, but I seem to have some kind of infection so I am on an intravenous antibiotic drip. They'll also be doing a barium x-ray to make sure I don't have any duck parts, ball pieces, rocks, or squirrel tails in my belly.
Mum and Dad are very sad about me being away for the night because they love the way I love them, and want me near them always. :(


  1. Aww, Gromit, I'm sorry! I hope you're home soon! We understand how you feel right now, since Blueberry has to go in tomorrow for her surgery. Mom will be upset if she has to stay overnight!


  2. My family brought me two blankets from home and my chewed up fox skin to keep me company at night. I should be able to go home this afternoon. I have "the flu" and a needle in my paw. :(
    My family was so sad that I am away from them.

    Good luck to Blueberry! I hope she doesn't have to spend the night.

  3. We are hoping for a very speedy recovery! Please keep us posted.


  4. We find humans really do suffer from seperation anxiety when you are gone!
    We are glad we are reading this backwards and know you are now back home.
    Our Dad misses his handsome boy - Harry, basset before us, but he has us!!!
    Still you handsome boys always have a special place in humans hearts.
    Your sister Claire is very pretty.