Thursday, November 4, 2010


Last night, and again this morning, Mum let me eat my sister's Golden Retriever food instead of my kibbles, and I'm totally okay with that. I have been unsatisfied with my kibbles lately. Mum and Dad think it might be time for a change because they're worried about my poop.

We've recently started having dog-family meals, where all three of us dogs eat together by the back door. I used to be the only one, while Claire was brought upstairs to have her special Golden food. Then came Clifford, who was too bouncy to eat so he was put in his crate during meals to not be so distract(ed)(ing).
Everyone seems happy with this new arrangement. At first I wanted to taste their food so bad! I whined and whined and whined and aarrroooooooed and wooooooooed and whined until Mum let me have some of Claire's food. It was delicious!

When I studied the information on the Royal Canin bag I learned that this food provides "Brain Support" which is essential for a great thinker like myself. Clifford came along to taste one of Claire's kibbles too, but he doesn't have a picky palate. He also gobbled up some of my leftover kibbles.
I wonder what kind of new kibbles Mum and Dad will find for me? I wonder if they'll ever find a bottomless water dish? So much to think about...

Mum tried to interview us about the new feeding arrangement. Clifford wouldn't sit still long enough to be interviewed, and by the time Claire was finished with her "I watch the Food Network" speech about her culinary preferences I was just too tired to be bothered any more.

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  1. Oh you are so lucky to have retriever food too. We have our kibble but we do get bored with it so we have something different in every day. Just a little chicken, fish, mince.........we find this keeps us interested!