Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The weather lately has prevented me from absorbing enough solar power to achieve much. My energy must be saved to use on such important endeavors as putting my two front paws up on the couch and looking around the room at each human with my "I can't get up eyes" until someone lifts me the rest of the way, nesting, going upstairs to nest, and spelling bees. (I have been searching the garden everywhere for these so-called "spelling bees" and am convinced Hannah is making them up.)

It's hard to blog about your life when reports of your day include: "I was in the kitchen having a snooze when a head of lettuce was dropped on me", or "I was just sitting there by Mum when a piece of squash was dropped on me"; it's embarrassing. Instead I call on my imagination.  



  1. Whoa! Vegetables have been falling from the sky on you? I'd be calling the weather service on that one!

    We've been insanely busy getting ready for the holidays here!


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